Rick’s Reflections- 8/11/2019

What a tremendous blessing it was last Sunday to hear Simmi share about the great work happening in India. To realize that God is at work in a very hostile and spiritually dark environment is encouraging on many fronts. We have been looking at several of the familiar stories from the Old Testament narratives over … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 8/4/2019

Today we have the special privilege of having Simmi Dhingra with us.  She is the director of North India Christian Mission and has been a missionary partner with Eastview since 1997.  Over the past 22 years the Lord has blessed this mission in incredible ways.  You will be greatly encouraged by hearing this message/report.  If … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 7/28/2019

Over the past month we have spent some time looking at lessons that we can learn from the significant time when God’s people were               returning from exile. Esther reminded us that we can be used by God in significant ways when we are in tune with His purposes. Ezra and the prophets of his era … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 7/21/2019

A few weeks ago we talked about how it can sometimes be difficult to hear the truth. Some truths are very threatening to us. Some disrupt our routines or make us uncomfortable. This week’s message is on a similar topic: Why is it so hard to communicate the truth to some people?           It should … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 7/14/2019

One of the themes in Ezra’s ministry was the problem with religious syncretism, or the merging of differing religious beliefs into one system. I find it very interesting that the very same issue is so prominent today in our world. The idea that all roads lead to Heaven and that no single group has the … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 7/7/2019

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. I hope you had a nice day off, a good cookout, or a fun time at the lake. But I hope you also took a few moments to consider the concept of freedom. Freedom is a virtue that we in the U.S. value highly, however, it … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 6/30/2019

Sometimes, we just don’t want to hear it. After you’ve explained to your child why you won’t allow them to do something, they respond with continuing arguments. You just don’t want to hear it. When your neighbors are blasting music at 11PM, you just don’t want to hear it. When your co-worker gives you the … [Read more…]

Nathan’s Notes- 6/23/2019

             “Children are our greatest natural resource.” “Children are our future.” We hear these and similar sayings and perhaps give a nod of approval. But how seriously do we take these truths? How focused are our prayers for the children in our community? How close are we willing to get to children that lack good … [Read more…]

RIck’s Reflections- 6/16/2019

This past week we saw a marvelous group of dedicated people doing an incredible job of sharing the good news of Jesus with some very excited kids. To Kelly and her team, we all say thank you for the labor of love. You will never know the full extent of your efforts in terms of … [Read more…]

Rick’s Reflections- 6/9/2019

This past Sunday we started a short series on Jacob and some of the lessons he learned the hard way, hopefully with the intention that we might learn them without all the drama and pain. We saw that Jacob was not sure God would keep his promise of blessings, so he tries to get it … [Read more…]