Rick’s Reflections- 9/29/2019


Today we begin what might be one of the most significant series of messages we have done in a long time. I say that because the clear application of its principles will benefit everyone who hears and puts them in practice. We will be tackling the theme of being, “Emotionally & Spiritually Whole.”

We all need beneath the surface transformation, spiritually & emotionally. Only Christ can do that. It is the deeply changed people who have the most powerful and sustainable impact in the world. Changed people change the world.

The journey to spiritual & emotional wholeness is a journey into the      unknown, much like Abraham did when he left the comfort of his home in  Ur to the place God had planned for him. (Gen.12) It may be a hard journey, scary, painful even, but Faith to trust God with the transformation of our lives will in turn transform all our relationships. A lack of emotional health can derail the sincerest effects at spiritual health.

This series has the potential to change your life, to change our congregation and to change our community. Try to be here for all of it. Take notes read over them during the week. Pray about what God’s word is telling us. Talk to others about what He is showing you. After prayerful consideration, take the insert about the series to a friend and invite them to take the journey with you.

Dealing with the combination of emotional health and spirituality addresses what seems to be missing in much of our present-day Christianity. Both aspects are necessary for us to truly love God, love ourselves or to love others (Matt. 22:37-40). If our love for God does not produce love for our fellow man, then as I John 4 tells us that love is not true. The greatest spiritual break throughs happen deep within our hearts and they can make us whole. Listen to Him!