Rick’s Reflections- 8/25/2019


We have acknowledged that our culture is changing fast. Living a God honoring life in a pluralistic and often antagonistic environment is definitely a challenge. The church no longer holds a home field advantage. The shift has been significant. What was once common knowledge and common values is no longer seen as relevant today.  The worldview of many today is very different from that which was dominant a generation ago. As was mentioned last week, “Christians in today’s society, are no longer the moral majority but we’re now a moral minority.” Moral relativism is spreading like a contagious infection.

As much as we acknowledge this change, we also are reminded that there is something that has not changed. That is why I believe like many of you that the answer to this dilemma will not be found in government or in any of man’s fixes. Our complaints, our legislative efforts, our  attempts to compel people to live according to our standards of morality will only close the ears of those who do not believe. The only true cure for what is wrong with our world is the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The key here, however, is not in just telling people the truth but               demonstrating it daily. That is why it is important for us to come to terms with what it means to be a disciple of Christ. This morning and next week we will be taking a deeper dive into that subject. It is my prayer that you would be encouraged and equipped to be a difference maker in our world. It is not only important to our current situation but also vital to the next generation. We have been reminded for several months now of how God works through ordinary people just like you and me to bring about His divine purposes. May we be a generation that not only thirsts for God but also represents Him well.