Rick’s Reflections- 8/18/2019


This morning we want to explore a beautiful image in Scripture. The picture of a deer on a hot day desperately needing water both instructs us and motivates us to consider our relationship with God. The word translated in the text “pants” refers to the intense desire for water.               Luther renders it “cries”. Nothing could more beautifully or                            appropriately describe the earnest longing of a soul after God.

This earnest desire to come before God, and to enjoy His presence and favor makes more sense the more we understand who He is and what He provides, that alone can satisfy the true desires of our hearts.

Imagine those Jewish exiles we have been focusing on over the past weeks, in a foreign environment, away from all that they knew and had previously experienced. They had a choice to be faithful to their God or to simply blend in and be conformed to their new culture. As was mentioned last week, we need Daniels, Esthers, and Nehemiahs in our day who will stand up for God and be faithful in trying times. Those who make a kingdom impact are those who pursue God with all their heart. They are hungry and thirsty for God. They won’t be satisfied with anything less than a personal and passionate relationship with Him. That is available to all who truly desire it.

The Psalmist asks, “When can I go and meet with God?” The great news here is anytime we desire it. The question is not is God available or approachable, but do we really want that intimacy? I pray that we do. Anything else is settling for much less that He intends for us.