Rick’s Reflections- 7/2/2017


We have just experienced a great week of VBS. A special “thank you” goes out to the staff, whose tremendous efforts made it possible for our young people to learn about God’s love for us and enjoy a special time of fun with friends. I am not sure we have ever had such an elaborate theme décor. I think it qualified as an “extreme building makeover.” With all of the love possible, the word of God was planted in the hearts of over 50 youngsters and we will never know this side of heaven what the fruit of that effort will be. What we do know is that this team was being faithful to the calling we have as believers to reach out with this “Good News”.

In our text this morning we see Jesus moving about, going where people were and meeting their needs. He was modeling ministry for us. Jesus didn’t sit back and wait for the people to come to Him, He went out where the people were. Nowhere does the Bible command lost sinners to come to church…but it does command us to “go out into the highways and hedges and compel people to come in.” (Luke 14:23) Do you like it here at Eastview? Are you thankful for your church family? Would you like to share it with many others? Ok then, go ahead! We have room for more, let’s go get them! We must not neglect people whether they live in a mansion or a slum, are upper class or lower class, up and coming or down and out…our job is to be the salt of the earth, (Matt. 5:13) and we must get the salt out of the shaker and encourage people to come and dine!