Rick’s Reflections- 6/5/2016


Allow me to reminisce a little about 1976.

“Back in the day” as my boys call it;

Gas cost 59 cents per gallon.

The average house cost $43,000

The average income was $16,000

The hit movies were;

Rocky, Bad News Bears and All the Presidents Men

The Popular music groups were;

Bee Gees, Kiss and KC & the Sunshine Band

Some big things happened;

Steve Jobs started the Apple Computer Company.

A massive earthquake in China killed more than 600,000 people.

On this date (June 5th) in history;

1944– The Allies were preparing for D-Day

1968– Bobby Kennedy was assassinated

1976– It was the first day of the 6 Day War

2004– Ronald Reagan died

The thing I remember most is that 40 years ago today Pam & I were married.  I know this is a sneaky way to slip in a personal note

but I am sure I would not be here as your preacher without her tireless and faithful support.

I am blessed.