RIck’s Reflections- 6/16/2019


This past week we saw a marvelous group of dedicated people doing an incredible job of sharing the good news of Jesus with some very excited kids. To Kelly and her team, we all say thank you for the labor of love. You will never know the full extent of your efforts in terms of planting seeds of faith in the hearts of those who were here. God does know and I am sure He smiles at your efforts. Let’s pray that we will always do what we can to make sure the next generation has a firm grip on the power of the gospel. That will require an ongoing commitment to God’s concept of being the body of Christ; which includes both evangelism and discipleship. Or as we say “reaching people for Christ and building people up in Christ.” Reaching out to those who don’t know Him and teaching them to grow up in Him. I am very thankful to be part of a body who gets it and is working hard to be His ambassadors here in this community and around the world.

Today is Father’s Day and we want to say a special word of              encouragement to all the dads. After the service you will receive a small token of appreciation. We acknowledge that your responsibility as a father is a heavy one and we are praying that you can with God’s help be as Godlike as possible. Your impact on the family is tremendous and He will help you help your family if you “cling” to Him as we mentioned last week. May God grant each of us a heart to pursue Him.