Rick’s Reflections- 5/8/2016


Allow me to share a poem entitled, “My Mother.”

Your love, I know—I’ve seen your tears;

You’ve given to me my life.

You’ve walked through hours and days and years

Of heartache, toil and strife.

To see that I could have the best

That you could give to me,

You gave up needs and often rest—

You viewed eternity.

To do His will my highest call

And by your special care

I stood and walked and did not fall,

You help me up in prayer.

Though strands of gray may brush your hair,

And miles divide our way,

I know that by your quiet prayer

You’ve helped me day by day.

You’ve shown me how to give, to share

To put my own needs last.

You’ve helped me see and be aware

That life… is so soon past.

To spite your love I would not dare,

For there is not another

Who spreads her gentle love and care,

Like you—My Loving Mother.