Rick’s Reflections- 2/10/2019


What would happen if we truly gave the keys to our future to God and then set out purposefully to find and do His will with the rest of our lives? What if we gave as much of ourselves as we could to as much of God as we can grasp, to live as if we believed totally?

When we take God seriously and personally, many questions will come to the surface. It is best to wrestle with these questions with other Christ followers. It calls for humility and courage, for discipline and accountability, and most of all, trust in a loving God who has a purpose and plan for us that is so much higher than we could even imagine. It is a very  difficult and costly journey, but one we can’t afford to miss out on.

When we invite others to join us on the journey to maturity in Christ, transformation is the by-product of the Holy Spirit’s working with the willing. Developing deep trust as the soil for life change calls for intimate relationships. These take time to develop but are vital to accountability. We must be able to lovingly speak truth into one another’s lives.

The biblical message incorporated into all the themes of the Christian life presents a holistic picture of following Christ. The spiritual disciplines, practicing the habits that lead to maturity in Christ and service to others is enhanced when we practice them with each other.

When we do the Lord’s work the Lord’s way, amazing things happen. Jesus invested in a few and changed the world. He invites us into that ministry of transformation.