Rick’s Reflection’s- 12/13/2015


As we approach our Christmas celebrations this year it will be very different for many of our church family. We have had another group of brothers and sisters join the ranks of those of us who have lost a loved one. Earlier this week Raendra Cummings, daughter of Glenn and Donna Tow shared some thoughts on Mark Schultz’s music video entitled “Different Kind of Christmas.” She said that it will definitely be a “different kind of Christmas” for our family this year. There will be a new ache in our hearts. But there will also be an even greater joy than in the past as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. His willingness to come to earth as a baby, to die on the cross for our sins, and the hope of eternal life through His resurrection- all of this allows me the joy of seeing my mom again someday. I will be sad here for a little while, but my Savior has made a way for us to be reunited. Praying that you know that same Hope this Christmas!

So to the Ward, Henninger, Rodgers, Armitage, Adams, Walls, Inman, Brown and McDaniel families and others I am sure I have not mentioned, our thoughts and prayers are with you. May we be encouraged and inspired to move into the future with a sure hope of a coming again Savior who will restore us and reunite us when He returns.

Looking Forward,