Rick’s Reflections- 12/24/2017


I appreciate seeing the yard signs out there. Keep Christ in Christmas. Good idea!

The Scripture says; “Unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is   given.” There is so much imagery behind the reality of our Lord’s birth. He was born of a Virgin, yet gives us the beauty of the consummation of human love in marriage. Born in Bethlehem, the House of Bread, yet people still don’t know that he is “the bread of life”. He is the Lamb of God, yet was visited by ordinary shepherds. He was recognized by royalty as the King He was, yet he wore no royal robes. He was born in a makeshift home so that we might never be homeless.  Taken by his parents to Egypt so that we might one day live free. He was raised by a carpenter though He himself had framed the world by his word. The only true Ruler of the world, but desiring to rule in our hearts. It is a truly amazing story of amazing love and even more amazing salvation! There is no other story like it anywhere. From Genesis to Revelation, Jesus is the centerpiece.

Yet as we look around today, who gives him his place? Not the educators, not the media, rarely any ruler, and not most people. And then we wonder why the world is such a mess.

For what it is worth, Christmas is our chance to help the world understand what is real and where peace and hope come from. Let’s make the most of our opportunity and Keep Christ in Christmas!