Rick’s Reflections- 12/16/2018


One of the contemporary Christmas songs that I really like is A Strange Way to Save the World by Mark Harris. In it the song writer says, “Now I’m not one to second guess what angels have to say, but this is such a strange way, to save the world.” If ever there was an appropriate word that would describe the first Christmas it would be “strange”.

I can really identify with that thought. Never could man dream up such a story of love and sacrifice. All we can do is try to grasp it’s meaning and then live into it the best we can.

Today as we consider how Christ’s coming brings love into true focus, may we not only be in awe of that great love but emulate it in every way possible. We thank God for His tremendous gift by allowing that gift to fulfill its intended purpose. To transform us into His likeness. Over the past few months we have looked intently into the biblical meaning of God’s grace and our response to that grace. We have been encouraged to acknowledge and except that grace as well as extend it to those around us. To give of ourselves as He gave all for us. To make room in our hearts for Christ and for the people He died to save. Christmas is the best time to demonstrate to a broken world the difference Christ makes in a believer’s life. May we be strangely different enough to be good representatives of Christ this Christmas.