Rick’s Reflections- 11/22/2015


Last week I had the privilege of hearing from a Christian business leader who shared his passion for living an impacting life.  The most important thing I heard was his commitment to “start each day counting your blessings and then committing to making a difference with the day we are given.”

No wonder they are being used in a special way.  As we draw towards a close on this series of messages on Growing as a Christ Follower, I hope that we are being encouraged to take responsibility for our progress cooperating with the Holy Spirit as the Word of God is being applied to our lives.

In this day and age our world needs people who incorporate their biblical values into every aspect of their lives.  By doing so we will have a compass that shows us the journey toward maturity and gives us the ability to change our lives and the lives of people around us.

Don’t give up, give in or give away what is yours because of God’s great grace gift.

Live Thankful,