Rick’s Reflections- 10/11/2015


As you read this Pam and I are taking some vacation time.  I am thankful for Mel Wright’s willingness to preach today.  Mel is a good brother in the Lord and a long term kingdom servant.  He is retired from the Army and has served several congregations as counselor.  He was instrumental in the establishment of the Hebron Center which is a men’s recovery program of Wheeler Mission.  Mel and Connie have been worshiping with us for some time now and have also made themselves available to assist with the Stability First effort we are part of here in Morgan County. Please make their acquaintance  if you have not yet done so and be prepared to be blessed.

There will be a new learning opportunity for adults starting Oct. 21st in room 101 at 7:00 p.m. We will be studying what the Bible says about poverty and our response to the issue as Christians.  The book What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty will be our tour guide.  Hope to see you there.