Nathan’s Notes- 9/16/2018


     Last week Rick shared with us the story from John 4 about a woman living far from God. But after meeting Jesus, His grace began to change her from a doubter to an announcer of who He is. This week, as we continue to study this broad topic, we will see a challenging side to grace. Real grace is much more than an eraser that covers over our past mistakes. It is catalyst that pushes us to look at ourselves and others very differently. Today we will learn about the woman who met with Jesus’ grace and saw the challenges it poses.

     On another note, I hope everyone is able to join us today for our annual picnic at Camp Allendale. I always look forward to the food, fun activities, and relaxation. It’s a great chance to experience fellowship with each other, the blessings of God’s creation, and the beauty of nature. Please consider attending as it is never a disappointment.