Nathan’s Notes- 8/14/2016


Our current sermon series, “Truth for Our Times”, is  turning out to be an exciting study.  I’ve overheard several people mention how much they anticipate these topics.  Personally, I’m very eager to hear Rick’s message this week on “The Truth about Racism”.

There are many other exciting things going on here at ECC as well.  Tonight at 6PM, as a companion to last week’s message, I will be leading a one-night class: ”10 Myths about Homosexuality.”  We will approach the topic from a Biblical and psychological perspective and explore common misconceptions on it held by   society, homosexual activists, and even Christians. I’m also happy to announce that we are nearing the start of Victory Club, our mid-week kid’s program!  Starting September 7th all kids from 1st to 8th grade are welcome to join us here at ECC every Wednesday night from 6:30– 8PM for games, snacks, Bible lesson, and fun!  However, we are currently short on volunteers.  If you’re interested in helping with transport or teaching, please inquire at the visitor station.