Nathan’s Notes- 7/9/2017


        Last week, Rick issued a serious challenge:  for all of us to pray about our role in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Sadly, some Christians go most of their lives only giving minimal thought to this task. All Christians should feel a sense of duty and purpose in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. So I would reiterate Rick’s question: “What is my role in sharing the Good News?”

This week, we’ll be adding some fuel to this thought. In asking any question, it is only wise to consider the results of the choices. Today we will be asking, “What happens when I share the good news of Jesus?” As we will see in Romans 10, there are drastic results when Christians decide to take the mantle of “disciple-maker”. I hope that today will help us to more clearly see God’s purpose for the body of Christ and the call to “make disciples of all nations.”

  • Nathan