Nathan’s Notes- 3/25/2018


Today we celebrate Palm Sunday! In the Gospels, we read about Jesus entering Jerusalem shortly before His crucifixion. Previously, Jesus had approached His ministry very humbly. He initially tried to keep many of His miracles and even confessions as to His identity quiet, so as to avoid a premature conflict. Over time, however, His popularity grew until nearly everyone knew about Him.

What we will see today in Luke 19 is essentially Jesus “taking the gloves off”. He knows His death is near and He is ready to be clear about who He really is. So he fulfills an Old Testament prophecy by entering Jerusalem regally while followers sing His praises. However, not all are as excited to see the Messiah arrive. Jesus’ opponents take the exact opposite approach, demanding that He silence the believers.

These two different responses to the coming Messiah were not only for the first Palm Sunday, but the options have remained open ever since. From the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem, people have continued to stand on both sides of the aisle; some shouting praises, some shouting for silence. The choices have always been there and continue to stand by today. Everyone chooses one or the other. Which will you choose?