Nathan’s Notes- 12/30/2018


   The failure to follow through on New Year’s resolutions has become a trope. We joke: “My resolution was to lose twenty pounds. Only twenty-five more to go.” If you ask anyone what kinds of changes they need to make in their lives, they can most likely list a few. Some are very common: improve health, save more money, stop a bad habit, spend more time with family, etc. Sometimes we are successful in making these changes, but very often, we fall short. It is very easy to  get stuck somewhere along the path.

     This time of year, you may be thinking about changes you need to make to your life. If we can improve our health, finances, or family life we should make every effort to do so. But let us not forget that there are frequent changes that need to be made to our spiritual lives. Because we don’t see these reflected on a bathroom scale or a bank statement, they can be easy to overlook. But they are, by far, the most important things we can do. These adjustments will go beyond our life on this earth and into eternity.

     Today, we’ll be studying the process to positive change.                  Understanding this process can help us get past the common hurdles and roadblocks. Understand how they apply to all changes that need to be made in our lives, but please do not overlook the most important changes: the spiritual ones.