Nathan’s Notes- 12/29/2019


     Last year, the most popular New Year’s Resolution in the state of Indiana was to save more money. In fact, every state’s most popular resolution fell into only seven categories: Save more money, lose weight, get in shape, find a new job, take better care of self, learn a new skill, and eat healthier. I’m sure most of us can relate to these goals. Statistically, however, 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned within six weeks. That reveals an eye-opening truth: we are very good at knowing what we need to do, but very bad at doing it.

   Why is it so hard to follow through with what we want to do? How do we change this? What do I need to do to meet my goals? Today we’ll be looking at some practical advice from the book of Proverbs on how to succeed. Whereas this message is wonderful for all our goals, it is imperative in one goal we often fail to apply it to: spiritual development. Let’s look together at how to improve ourselves in the most important areas of life.