Nathan’s Notes- 09/04/2016


Things have been busy around the church lately.  Among     ongoing youth activities, preparing for Victory Club, and a number of other plans in the making, it’s encouraging to see people devoting their time to the service of our Lord.  With everything going on, I wanted to mention a few upcoming events:

This Wednesday we will begin Victory Club, a fun-filled program for elementary aged students.  Every Wednesday at 6:30, all kids are welcome to come learn more about Christ and having fun doing it.  Please support us by telling your friends who have elementary aged children.

Next Sunday will be our annual picnic.  This is not only a great opportunity for fellowship, but one to invite un-churched people to a relaxed and easy-going event.  Please plan to come and bring your friends.

Finally, we are nearing the end of stage one of our new church directory.  Watch out for instructions on stage two soon and please fill out an information form at the visitor’s booth ASAP.