Rick’s Relections- 4/10/2016


This week we look over the shoulder of Ezekiel. God showed him “the valley which was full of bones,” God asked him the question, “Can these bones live?” Ezekiel’s normal response would have been, “Of course they can’t live, and anyone would know that.” But instead he answered, “O Lord God, you know.” Then God told him to preach to this valley of dry bones, and the results were astonishing. The bones were restored to life, and before the prophet’s startled eyes, the bodies got on their feet and returned to the Promised Land. Ezekiel then reported this remarkable vision to his countrymen, who were in exile. The message was clear. While the collapse of Jerusalem had seemed to be the end of the line for the chosen people, by the power of God they would be restored. This points to the capacity of God to raise the dead and to give new life. God has the power to impart fullness of life to all. The exiles felt that they were living in a grave, but God promised them that He would put His spirit within them and they would live, and in their own land (37:14). Now we begin to see why Ezekiel is thought of as one of the most optimistic voices in the Old Testament. His message is true for all of us. No matter how broken we are Christ can breathe new life into us. What a hope filled message.