Rick’s Reflections – 8/9/2015


One of the greatest trapeze artists talked about overcoming the fear of falling.  His point was simple.

“Once you know the net below will catch you, you stop worrying about falling.”

The Psalm we are looking at today reminds us that the Lord is our net.  We can be confident that when we step out in faith, trusting Him, we are free to do our best and trust that He will catch us when we fall.  If we never fell we would not know that His love would catch us.  What a freeing concept that is.  He is always there for us.  In times of our inadequacy we find out how great He is.  Lloyd Ogilvie says “Our falls can’t change His faithfulness!”  Wow!  That is very encouraging.  That truth will give us both a humble spirit and a more tender side toward others who also fall short in their desire to walk faithfully.

“Great is the Lord and moth worthy of praise!”