Rick’s Reflections- 9/10/2017


Today’s message is one that I needed to hear. Funny how God works, isn’t it? He led us to a series of messages about Bible  heroes and in doing so He climbed right into our hearts and minds.  He reminds us of things we have known but maybe have forgotten.  He opens our eyes to things we never saw before.  He encourages us to think again about what is most important, about His timing, and most importantly about His intimate love for us and His perfect plan for our lives.

If you have noticed in these messages, God notices man’s condition and cares about it deeply. Sometimes He brings deliverance, sometimes it’s discipline.  In every case it is just what is needed when it is needed.

When God lays something on your heart, He intends for you to act on it.  We must discern His plan, be patient with His timing and trust in His empowerment.  These lessons for life are echoed again in the story of Moses, and I hope they will encourage us to be difference makers.

In His Grip,