Rick’s Reflections- 7/28/2019


Over the past month we have spent some time looking at lessons that we can learn from the significant time when God’s people were               returning from exile. Esther reminded us that we can be used by God in significant ways when we are in tune with His purposes. Ezra and the prophets of his era prompts us to pay attention to honoring God and not just focusing all our energies on ourselves.

This morning we will see from Nehemiah’s experience, the                         difficulties and challenges faced by the few Jews who chose to leave comfortable Babylon to return to the Jewish homeland. Those who did return were moved by religious fervor, first to rebuild the                      Temple, then to teach God’s Law, and finally to restore Jerusalem’s status as an important city by rebuilding the city’s walls.

From this I hope that we see Nehemiah’s moral courage. He set an example in his selfless service, and with the courage he displayed when his own life was threatened by the enemies of the Jews. Also, his impact on the believers. His leadership helped stir a fresh commitment of themselves to the Lord.

As we consider how restoration takes place, perhaps we might think about specific applications for our own lives and of our collective ministry as a body of believers. I am pretty sure there is some rebuilding all of us can do with His help and at His direction.