Rick’s Reflections- 7/15/2018


As we continue to look over the shoulder of Nehemiah, we learn spiritual lessons for rebuilding the broken places in our lives.

Everyday we are reminded of just how much brokenness there is in our world.  We all deal with our own and that of others.  It is vital that we likewise be reminded that our Lord and Savior is in the rebuilding business. It is a process for sure,  and we must be willfully engaged in that process by faithful obedience, but it is Christ who brings about wholeness in us.  It is through His redemptive work on the cross that we have access to forgiveness and His resurrection that gives us the hope of eternal life in His presence.

As individuals and as a congregation, it is my prayer that we keep moving forward in faith, that we celebrate the victories along the way and that we dedicate ourselves to Him and His purposes.

Who would have believed that He could turn the rubble of our lives into a masterpiece?  He can, and He will. You up for some rebuilding?