Rick’s Reflections- 6/25/2017


Today we are looking at the Good News of the gospel in terms of our  calling. As a church, we are in the business of representing Christ to our world. Our goals must be His goals. Our focus must be His focus and our ways must be His ways. The Good News is a message of hope and a healing.  It is for all people and we must make every effort to “show and tell” that message. I hope that you are encouraged to not only realize that calling but live into it.

This week we have an opportunity to share that message in a significant way with our VBS. The team has put an incredible amount of effort into this and I am sure that it will make a big impact on the lives of many young people. If you can lend a hand see Dawn Elliot or Joe Corbett today before you leave.

Over the next several weeks we will be exploring this theme. Here’s a preview:

“Good News; Help Wanted”    –  Matt. 9:35-38

“Good News; Beautiful Feet”  –  Rom. 10:14-17

“Good News; Report Card”     –   Matt. 11:2-6

Please make an effort to be here and bring someone with you who could use some good news.