Rick’s Reflections- 6/18/2017


We are so blessed to have all the dads worshipping with us today.  Hopefully it will be a day of encouragement and that after you grill or take the family out to eat, you won’t have to do the dishes!

I suppose that every son or daughter, who has a wonderful relationship with his/her dad, believes that their dad is the best. I can truly say, that my dad has been a great encouragement and example to me. He has been fighting the good fight of faith and making a difference in his corner of the world for a long time.

Allow me to encourage all the dads today to keep pouring into the lives of your kids, no matter how old or how young they are. As they say, “children are like wet cement” and what we do really does have an impact. They also never outgrow their need for a dad to lean on or to be there for them. Our children spell “love” as “time.”

The Apostle John said; “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (III John 4) They have a much better chance of walking in the truth if they are walking in a godly dad’s footsteps. Let’s leave some clear tracks brothers. There is so much riding on it.