Rick’s Reflections- 6/10/2018


We are in a series of messages challenging us to consider the possibility that even in brokenness there can be real beauty. We have reflected on the fact all of us are broken people in one way or another. We have also been reassured our Heavenly Father loves us despite our brokenness and can bring healing to our hearts and souls. Today we stretch the thought process to consider the idea that our brokenness, when surrendered to Christ, can be used in blessing others. The concept of “wounded healers” is worth paying attention to.

Moses was a broken person. He had some serious self-image problems, and yet God took this orphaned, stuttering, murdering refugee and turned him into Israel’s lawgiver, a man who 3,500 years later still elicits admiration and even awe from Jews and Christians alike. Through Moses, God gave us five books of the Old Testament and one psalm (90). In love’s service, Moses certainly qualifies as a wounded healer.

Our text this morning gives us insight into the mind of the Apostle Paul who also serves as an example of the principle being examined. My hope is that we will be encouraged to not only admit our brokenness but to give it to Christ and then allow Him to use our lives to encourage others along on their journey of hope and healing. May He bless us as we strive to glorify Him even through our weakness.