Rick’s Reflections- 5/29/2016


Tomorrow is officially designated as a holiday marked in many communities by a variety of solemn observances. All across the United States people will gather in parks & cemeteries to commemorate what this day symbolizes. There will be parades, bands will play, speeches will be given, prayers will be offered up to God, “Taps” will be played, & guns fired as a salute to those whom our nation seeks to remember on this day.

From Valley Forge to Berlin, from San Juan Hill to Heartbreak Ridge, from Iwo Jima to Saigon & from the Middle East to North Africa, the blood of American soldiers is permanently mingled with the soil of four continents & hundreds of islands. Memorial Day is our feeble attempt to remember & say “Thank you” to those who gave their best & their all that we might continue to enjoy the liberties that are ours. The freedom to gather and to worship freely is one of the most precious. At the end of the service you will be given an opportunity to participate in “remembering” these heroes in a special way.

On another issue please be praying about our associate minister affirmation process. Nathan Crowe and his family will be with us June 12th. We are trusting that the Eastview family will be as excited as the search team and leadership is to see God fill this need for the congregation. (See the enclosed insert for Nathan’s Crowe’s bio.)

We would ask for your continued prayers for the Murphy (Haggard) & Armitage (Welker), Chirpas & Ward families as they grieve. May God help us all to keep our eyes on Him.