Rick’s Reflections- 5/28/2017


This week while preparing the final message in the Risk & Ripples series, I ran across this paragraph that seemed to be worth sharing as food for thought.

I’m not convinced that your date of death is the date carved on your tombstone.  Most people die long before that.  We start dying when we have nothing worth living for.  And we don’t really start living until we find something worth dying for.  Ironically, discovering something worth dying for is what makes life worth living. Maybe that explains why Jesus was so full of life.  He had so much, or rather so many to die for.  No one was more passionate about life than Jesus.  In fact, the final chapter of His life is appropriately referred to as the Passion.  And we are called to follow in His footsteps.  Christ followers ought to be the most passionate people on the planet.  Pursuing God-ordained passions isn’t optional.  It is an essential part of following in His footsteps.

As we remember those who gave their all for what they believed in, may we be encouraged to make our life count for Christ’s sake and for His glory. Dying to self is where living really begins.