Rick’s Reflections- 5/1/2016


As we consider some application to the admonition of James to be “Quick to listen” we must be reminded that listening by itself is not the end game.  He goes on to say that if we simply listen to the word and do not obey it we only fool ourselves. (1:22-25)

John MacArthur in his commentary on the book of James says, “As important as the proper reception of the Word of God is, without obedience to its truths it is not only without benefit but becomes a further judgement against its readers.  It is essential to hear the Word with an attitude of submission, but even that is not enough.  Obedience to the Word is the most basic spiritual requirement and is the common denominator for all tru believers.  The bottom line of true spiritual life is not a momentary feeling of compliance or commitment but long-term obedience to Scripture.”

How are you doing at the listening and obeying the word of God in your life?