Rick’s Reflections- 4/23/2017


One of a congregation’s greatest privileges is to set aside one of their own to a special ministry. Ordination is the process by which individuals are set apart for various forms of ministry. The ordination ceremony shows that the church has put its seal of  approval on a church member confirming God’s call on their life.


Eastview has had the great fortune to ordain many over the years and today we have that opportunity again. Today Jeremy Miller has asked the Elders to ordain him and we are excited to do so. Jeremy has been part of the Eastview family since 1995. As a teenager, he was active in the youth program. He later graduated from Cincinnati Christian University and then served here as our Youth Minister for four years before going to serve at Kentucky Christian University where he has been on staff for five years.


As a congregation, you have had a big impact on his life and in the years ahead he will continue representing you in the larger arena of the Kingdom. Please pray that he will continue in his path of faithful service. Pray also that we as a body of believers can continue to raise up kingdom minded servants. We are supposed to be a launching pad for ministry, and praise God, He has used us to equip and send one more.




Jeremy Miller Image

Jeremy Miller