Rick’s Reflection’s- 4/17/2016


Missional is a buzzword in our day.  It is about a  way of living not an activity.  “To think and live missionally means seeing all of life as a way to be engaged with the mission of God in the World.”  That’s how Reggie McNeal describes the concept.  For us to be ‘engaged’ we will need to change our thinking and behavior.  We must shift from being internally to externally focused.  We must focus on people development over program development, and finally we need to think Kingdom over congregation.  These changes of focus push us into risky, costly, and purposeful interaction with a world that is not very christian friendly.  We are blessed to be serving at this important time in the lives of this body of believers.  The choices we make moving forward will have influence for generations to come.  Let’s get missional!