Rick’s Reflections- 3/3/2019


Do you remember all the panic of Y2K, how about the Mayan calendar date of 12/21/2012? We could go on! If it was not so sad it would be funny. We get twisted around the axel trying to figure out something that we will never be able to know and miss the whole point of why we were told it would happen. Jesus never intended for us to get out our slide rules (you younger folks will need to ask you grandpa about these) or calculators and “do the math”. What He did intend is that we would live out the time we have with wisdom and integrity, knowing that someday we would be held accountable for our lives.

This morning as we listen in on some sound advise from another old man, (the Apostle Peter, not me,) we are encouraged to put things in perspective and then live accordingly. We are to acknowledge, as we were reminded last week that there is an expiration date on these lives we have been blessed with by God. Also, we are to demonstrate the love and truth we have received from Christ to our world. Believe it or not they are still watching us. With a jaded eye perhaps but they are watching.

It is so easy to get off course. It will take intentional and deliberate effort on our part to play the part we have been commissioned to carry out. Together we can become what we have been called to be. And when we are that, people will notice and be drawn to Christ. Let’s live in light of eternity and make the most of the time we do have. Some day it will all be so clear. Today we know what we need to know to live how we were intended to live. Trust in God’s amazing grace and move forward in faith. The best is yet to come.