Rick’s Reflections- 3/11/2018


As we approach the most exciting and meaningful time of the year, the celebration of our Lord’s sacrificial death, burial and resurrection, we are reminded that Jesus spent His last hours with His disciples reminding them of His promised return. He warned them to be ready. Today we want to focus on that message.

I am reminded of the story of a Louisiana game warden who had been tracking a notorious poacher. Late one night he stumbled upon the criminal’s cabin. Climbing upon the roof, the game warden waited for the dawn, hoping to jump the poacher as he emerged.

The game warden after a fitful night of trying to keep quiet, heard the man making breakfast the next morning. The smell of bacon frying, and coffee brewing became a temptation to his stomach. Then, to his surprise, the man came to the door and yelled, “Hey game warden, you might as well come on down and have some breakfast with me!” Over breakfast the game warden asked how the wily Cajun had known he was waiting on the roof. He grinned saying, “I didn’t, but I do that every morning just in case you are!”

We also should be daily looking for Christ’s return. That requires a real mental shift for many. It is so easy to get caught up in the business of everyday life and leave the spiritual for another day. My hope and prayer is that like the Boy Scouts, we will be prepared. Like we used to say in the old hide and seek game; “Ready or not, here I come.” That is the Lord’s message for all of us!