Rick’s Reflections- 3/10/2019


The coming of the kingdom of God is the header for the text in this morning’s sermon.  We are continuing on with our study of living with the end in mind.

Kingdoms don’t seem to be a topic on most peoples radar any more.  That is unfortunate in the fact that some of the clear message of Christ is blurred when we don’t understand the concepts!

Think about this, a kingdom is a place where a particular king holds sway.  In a kingdom certain things occur:

– The king’s orders are obeyed.

– The king is given a % of income.

– The king is honored.

– The king is looked to for security and protection.

If the kingdom is “within” us, should we be able to give evidence that the above facts are true in our lives?  Does our lives fall within the                geography of God’s rule?  What areas of your life still need to come under His control?  Good questions, worth some thought!