Rick’s Reflections- 2/7/2016


In my email account there is the typical inbox, sent, deleted and drafts.  A new one now is “clutter”.  I have two in there at the moment.  It reminds me of the way our life can get.  Cluttered up with things that don’t matter much.  Too much clutter and we get off track, out of alignment, you know what I mean.

Today we start out on a new series of messages that deal with bringing our life into alignment with God’s will and purpose for us.  It will be a very personal series with application to many parts of our lives.  It is about living in full surrender to Christ.  We hope to find ways to lessen the chaos in our lives.  To be able to zero in on the  main things and gain His perspective on our life choices.

My hope is that we can learn together how to live into Matt. 6:33. Seeking first the Kingdom of God promises to bring us to our best life, and to a place of wellness.  The return on our investment is beyond our imagination. Can you commit to a four week adventure that can have radical impact on the rest of your life?