Rick’s Reflections- 2/3/2019


Last week we were challenged by Scripture, specifically Hebrews 11, to ask some significant questions of ourselves and our willingness to believe God and act on that belief. They included;

* How would we live today if we absolutely believed that God existed and that He loves us completely and has a specific plan to bless us beyond measure?

* Am I truly living my life by a very different set of values and principles than the unbelieving world?

* Is my faith evident to others and is God’s Kingdom being                  forwarded by my confident obedience in this call on my life?

Today we will investigate the reality of the battle that comes with daring to believe. My hope is that the historical example and the current testimony will encourage us to live boldly and with confidence. We can live in fear and frustration with all that is wrong with our world and simply try to navigate life with as little pain as possible, or we can live in faith, knowing that God is on the throne and is calling us to participate with Him in the work of the kingdom, which includes the transformation of self. We are being challenged to acknowledge there is no other way to live. Take on that giant in the name of the Lord! God loves an underdog.