Rick’s Reflections- 2/23/2020


What a blessing it was to hear Colleen & Steve share some of their testimony last Sunday. You will be hearing from some others in the days ahead. One thing that stuck out to me as we reviewed our faith journey as a congregation was the reminder of how the Lord continues to raise up leaders for His kingdom work. That is a result of people listening to His Word and the call on their lives to serve Him in whatever way He has prepared them. Our education and experience are part of our preparation, but we must be willing to apply that to our situation now. A friend of mine on a Christian campus talks about equipping students to “understand God’s Word and God’s world as they go about God’s work.” You don’t have to go to college to be equipped to serve. What makes a church effective and impactful is when the people all see themselves as Christ’s ambassadors, doing what they can out of a sincere desire to honor Him. As we move forward into this new year of opportunities for ministry and growth it is our prayer as leaders that, He will guide us into pursuing the outcomes that are consistent with our mission, that is “Reaching people for Christ and building people up in Christ.” Please pray about the part you can play in moving us forward in this great adventure, this faith journey.

Our sympathies are expressed to the Elliott family in the passing of Joyce to her eternal reward. We all know she is now busy spreading “Joy Germs” in Heaven!