Rick’s Reflections- 2/17/2019


Today we have the unique opportunity to review as a congregation where we have been and where we are hoping to go as a body of believers. You will be presented with the opportunity to think through what it means to be part of a church family and to evaluate our collective impact in our community and the world. There will be realities that we are faced with that may be uncomfortable to deal with as well as things that are very exciting to hear. In the big picture we have many things to be thankful for and much work to do. Together we can make a difference. My prayer is that this gathering will be a positive and encouraging point for us and that this new year will open the door to many spiritual victories.

God invites us to play an active role in restoring brokenness and bringing stability to the lives of people created in His image and loved deeply by Him. It is up to us to step up and step out in faith to be His ambassadors, demonstrating His love for this hurting world. There is plenty of room on the front lines for those who dare to believe!