Rick’s Reflections- 2/16/2020


When the Apostle Paul thought of the Christians in Colosse he was grateful for the progress he had seen them make in their faith journey.  He speaks of not only their development, but of the impact that development had.  When the gospel takes root it changes us and as it changes us we have the opportunity to help change our world with that gospel.

This morning we are going to hear from some of our church family as they testify to what God has been doing in their lives as they describe their faith journey.  My hope is that we will be both encouraged and challenged to think thru our own faith journey.  Like Paul, I am very thankful for the evidence that many here have not only accepted the gospel and are being transformed by it, but that the result is spilling over into the lives of others and the message spreads.  It is clear that active service and love is a sign of a genuine faith based on a solid hope.

Praise God for what He is doing in our midst.