Rick’s Reflections- 1/22/2017


This week we begin a new series of messages focusing on an Eternal Perspective.

Our life on earth is but a tiny speck on the timeline of eternity.  There is infinitely more disparity between a human lifespan and eternity than a drop of water and the oceans.  Considering this reality, we ought to live for God’s eternal purposes, not our shortsighted temporal purposes.

Throughout Scripture we see people who stop living for God and start living for temporal goals.  In the very beginning, Eve wanted knowledge of good and evil for herself, believing Satan rather than trusting God and His plan.  The story of the people of Israel is similar: they distrust God’s plan and eventually worship other gods.  Many of Jesus’ parables remind us of keeping an eternal perspective.

Paul also exhorts his readers to live not for the sensualities of this life, but to live as those who trust in God. As we know, this is not an uncommon struggle, but we must all persevere by renewing our mind in the eternal truth of Christ.

My hope is that these messages will encourage us all to take a close look at the way we look at life, and commit to God’s perspective. It will make a significant difference for sure.