Rick’s Reflections- 12/11/2016


As most of you know, this weekend Pam and I are in Kentucky celebrating Joshua & Alex’s wedding. It has been something we have prayed about often. Pam was praying for the future wives that the boys would pick while they were very young. I think she did a good job. We are so blessed and we are also so thankful for our church family. You have been so supportive of all of us for so long. For over 21 years you have watched these boys become young men. You have taught them, loved on them, encouraged them and prayed for them. As Joshua takes this big step I can honestly say we wish you all could be here with us, but we are thankful for your prayers and kindness. It is funny how fast time moves by. As we looked through pictures in preparation for the wedding we laughed and cried a little in that walk down memory lane. By the way I am not the only one getting older here. Just saying!  I hope and pray that we can all continue to grow together and celebrate many more special days as we live out our faith as a family of God.

Nathan will be kicking off a short series of sermons today considering the “Messages of Christmas.” I am so thankful to have him as a ministry partner. I think the search team did a good job of praying and trusting as well, don’t you?

Your Blessed Brother in the Lord,