Rick’s Reflections- 12/2/2018


This Sunday we begin a series of messages focusing on the wonderful blessings we receive because of Christ’s coming into the world to save us and show us our true purpose. It is very important that we take time from the typical busyness of Christmas to slow down and reflect upon the truth of the Christmas celebration. In this season may we be reminded not only of the arrival of Jesus as a baby and Savior of the world, but of the truth that He is coming again to rescue and redeem all who place their faith in Him.

One great way to help build this anticipation is by having all your  family members get involved in a fun and encouraging daily practice that is ultimately celebrated on Christmas Day. To begin, you need a basket or jar, a small notepad or slips of paper, and a pen. Place all these together in a central area of your home, such as the kitchen counter, fireplace mantle, or dining table. Every day counting down to Christmas day, each family member writes down a blessing for which they are thankful, folds it and drops it in the basket or jar. On Christmas day, gather together and take turns reading blessings pulled from the jar. Thank God for the many blessings you have experienced during this Christmas season.

Let us each ask the Lord to give us grace to overcome darkness, and live in His light, as we prepare our hearts to soon celebrate the time in which Jesus Christ came to visit us in great humility. As we anticipate the day when He shall come again in all His magnificent majesty, may we daily live lives that honor and glorify Him.