Rick’s Reflections- 12/15/2019


 As we approach the celebration of the savior’s birth, we are again reminded of the amazing faith that was central to the story. Matthew and Luke beautifully supplement each other and give two vivid pictures of two devout souls. Each sharply tried in different ways, and each richly blessed by their faithful obedience.

During this season, it is my prayer that we would not kick it into neutral and coast through the season because we have heard it so many times before.  Instead, may we look a little closer, asking the Lord to point out some new insight, or application that would draw us even closer to Him.

As our busy and challenging schedules fill up please make an effort to remember those who are having a much harder time than usual.  We have many with significant physical challenges going on, see the enclosed prayer list, and others facing the holiday season with the grief of recent losses on their minds.  It is the Peace of Christ that we all need.