Rick’s Reflections- 11/29/2015


Allow me to brag a little on our fellowship team.  Last Sunday we enjoyed a tremendous feast and a great time of fellowship as we celebrated Thanksgiving together as a church family.  The food was tremendous and the time to visit was encouraging.  Like many family celebrations there were some people missing.  We have several families struggling at this time with sickness and grieving families as well.  There are some who had other family responsibilities that kept them away while some that were working.  You were missed and we look forward to your presence in the future.

Moving forward as a body of believers my prayer is that we will dedicate ourselves to reaching out to those who need the touch of Christ in their lives.  We have many who have some level of attachment to Eastview and who need encouragement to get back into the life of the church.  There are others who have no church home and are waiting for someone to invite them to be part of something special.  Will you help us reach out and see what God will do with a house full of loving hearts making ourselves available to this purpose.

This is our opportunity!