Rick’s Reflections- 11/3/2019


Today we are thinking about the importance of staying connected with Christ on an ongoing basis.  When we are honest, we will find that there are some challenges we must face to establish or further develop a deeper relationship with Him.  We will talk about the rhythms of life that make this both necessary and possible. We will also think about the biblical concept of Sabbath.

When we look at history, we can see clearly examples of God’s people who get out of step with God and bring hardship on themselves and those they influence.  A classic example is in Numbers 20:7-12. Moses, when not in step with God, took matters into his own hands, and in anger struck the rock instead of speaking to it as he had been instructed. God called that act “rebellion and unbelief”. Wow, powerful words of insight.  We would probably written it off as having a bad day or blaming the people for their stubbornness.  Moses would not enter the promised land.  I wonder what promised lands we miss when we do not remain constantly in a loving relationship with Christ.

Perhaps we can learn a few ways to rearrange our lives so what is most important stays in focus.  He invites us to slow down and pay attention. What is offered is a transformation to emotional and spiritual wholeness.