Rick’s Reflections- 10/8/2017


We have given the title “Family; by The Book” to this series for good reason. God’s Word provides standards that are essential for marital unity. Today we focus on His standards for managing money. This is a very relevant topic as we all know. None of us can navigate life without dealing with money.

Many today are taught well, they are smart, the problem is they lack understanding. They have been taught the wrong things. We build too much too quickly, using too much debt, and then when we hit a bad spot, we get in deep weeds. We have been taught wrong principles. The plumb line for truth is God’s Word, not a new textbook on standard practice.

As we continue to look under the hood of our families, make sure the owner’s manual we use to evaluate is the official one.

On a related subject, kudos to Nathan and his team for pulling off a successful Wednesday night “Family Night” kick off. If you missed the first one join us this week and help us grow our families and grow as a family. The excitement starts at 6:00. Hope to see many of you there.