Rick’s Reflections- 10/30/2016


A few days ago, I was reflecting on our current political dilemma and wondering how we got to this point. I have been reading an ongoing series of articles by  David Lane. In his latest work, he noted that, “America is well on its way to learning a truth that can be learned in no other way, that there is no safety in distance from God. It is painful work for a nation or an individual to get in step with God and to keep pace with Him, because that means you must conform your life to God’s character and priorities.” He quotes Bruce Waltke who said “A nation’s exaltation depends upon its piety and ethics, not on its political, military, and/or economic greatness.”

Lane goes on to remind us that violating God’s order by rebellious people brings discipline. He says “God’s way is to supply understanding (discipline) before He allows relief (deliverance). His path for respectable behavior and decency is more important to Him than the absence of pain to those who violate His standards.”

It seems clear that America has decided to take the hard road. The moral attitude of a nation is influenced greatly by its elected officials. Our current candidates are a reflection of the moral character of America. Lane reminds us that for the last 75 years, “God has been systematically removed from public education, higher learning, the media, Big Business, the Supreme Court, Federal Courts, and Hollywood. Secularists and the American people who have turned away from God act in accordance with the reality that God is no longer the conscience of the  nation.”

As a result, we find ourselves in deep weeds. Let us pray for a new “Great Awakening” to bring us back in alignment with God. It is our only hope.